Taking our clients’ safety very seriously has always been our top priority and in the recently concluded Hawarden/ ENS case this was emphasized. We are very proud of our team, our systems and our clients. ESI Attorneys were referred to in this court case as being one of the only law firms who were taking the available precautionary steps to mitigate the risk to our clients.

In this court case, a client sued a conveyancing firm after the client’s own email had been hacked and the wrong banking details were used by the client to make a payment. This kind of fraud is rife in the conveyancing industry as email hackers especially target people who make large financial payments.

The court found that “the interests of society demand that a legal duty is recognised in this case”. Not only do businesses need to have all available security in place to prevent their own systems from being hacked, but they also have a responsibility to forewarn their clients about the risks of BEC (business email compromise) and, as far as possible, safeguard their clients against it.

ESI Attorneys have been mentioned in this court case as being one of THE ONLY ATTORNEYS who are taking appropriate steps to reduce the risk to our clients. Our systems use the latest technology and we are always pursuing new processes and ideas to enhance our service and security.

We take the safety and satisfaction of our clients very seriously and this court case is another acknowledgment that we’re doing it right.