ESI Training

ESI is an accredited provider of all courses and qualifications required by estate agents.

All courses and qualifications as regulated by the EAAB and SSETA are available on demand by contacting ESI Academy.

Accreditation No: 13271

Currently, we have the following available Training Courses:

Various Marketing Courses

After Sales Service

Negotiation Skills

Property Practitioners Act Deconstructed

Discussion designed to place agents in the know regarding the possible changes to the profession. How to prepare and what to expect.

Transfer and Transfer Documents Explained

A breakdown, with examples, of the transfer process and the documents that are used to register a change in ownership. This training is geared towards new agents looking to understand the transfer process.

Transfer, Bonds & Bond Cancellation Cost Explained

Training designed to explain the costs related to the transfer process. What documents are issued to the clients and what the turnaround times are regarding payment.

Income & Capital Gains Tax Explored

Training for all agents, intern to principal, regarding the taxes that can affect both the Seller and the Purchaser during a transfer.

POPI Act critiqued

Training geared towards preparing agents and Estate Agencies for the incoming POPI Act.

OTP Scenario Training – Practical Session

A practical example will be discussed with agents and how to deal with issues that may arise. How to fill in an Offer to Purchase and what documents are needed.

72-hour Clause

What is it and when does it apply, with practical examples on when and how to apply the 72 hour clause correctly.

FICA Amendment Act – Are you compliant?

What is FICA and why does it apply to me.

FICA - Compliant or Not?

Changes made to the FICA Act and what these mean for Estate Agents at large.

Contract Training

You send us your contract and we show you how best to fill in the contract to ensure that no issues arise due to failure to fill clause in correctly.

Eviction and Leases

What is an eviction, and when can you apply for it. How does this affect a lease and what are the rights of the Landlord and the Tenant.

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