CSI Projects

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better” – Robert F. Kennedy

Project partnerships are developed with the aim of creating best practice models that can be replicated in more communities, increasing the overall impact on society.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) for ESI means a commitment to supporting development initiatives that are shaped around the wider socio-economic needs of our society. We want all projects supported to make an enduring and lasting difference in the lives of beneficiaries.


At ESI, we believe that a commitment to social responsibility is an important element of good citizenship – together with sustainability and good governance – and what better way than by contributing to education.

ESI has donated foundation phase school stationery starter packs to various primary schools from disadvantaged areas as well as having offered study bursaries and/or donations for law graduates from disadvantaged areas – these students are in fact the leaders of the future.

Vorentoe Primary School

Vorentoe Primary School is based in Ravensmead, a working-class neighbourhood with challenges of unemployment, poverty and crime.

Not all children have the privilege to obtain an education at a well-maintained and well-equipped school. Children thrive in an environment where they are stimulated, motivated and have hope for the future. Educators who are dedicated and passionate about their profession have the ability to aid these young minds in their journey and make that hope for the future an achievable reality. Some are more fortunate that they have the needed resources to help them along this journey, others will have to make the most of what is given to them. Vorentoe Primary School have dedicated and passionate teachers but do not have the much needed resources. Since education and community upliftment is key to our firm, together we have embarked on this journey to assist the students and the school.

The school is a “No Fee” school, so they are solely reliant on funding from the Western Cape Education Department.  Currently there are 20 teachers, but the school only receives salaries for 18. The school is part of the Peninsula School Feeding Association, but only receives food for approximately 200 out of the 600 pupils.

In 2017, ESI adopted Vorentoe Primary School as a project investment.  Using our staff manpower, sponsored donations and our own funding, we have already contributed extensively to upgrading the computer room, library, staff room, principal’s office, kitchen and bathrooms.  We have also upgraded the perimeter security with barbed wire as well as installed burglar bars for the computer room and library.

Our ongoing and future projects include:

  • Repainting the school, inside and out
  • Upgrading the school hallways and classrooms
  • Refurbishing the scholar’s lunch room
  • Assisting with internal audit processes, budgeting and cash flow forecast
  • Liaising with the WCED for additional salaries (once financials in order)
  • Liaising with the PSFA for extra lunches

The school still needs:

  • Structural repairs to the walls and roof
  • Replacement of broken windows
  • Upgrading of the sports grounds and equipment
  • Financial assistance
  • Computers, copiers & projectors
  • Music and art facilities
  • Playground and extra mural activities
  • Billboard displaying school name and sponsors