Tansley spent her formative years in Ravensmead, surrounded by the love and support of a close-knit family. She was raised by both parents alongside an older brother who has become a lifelong friend. The family expanded with the arrival of a little sister a decade ago. With a sprawling extended family, gatherings in Ravensmead were lively, filled with cousins and a vibrant atmosphere. Childhood memories are punctuated with a sense of community as well as fun, shaping the foundation for a strong, supportive upbringing.

Navigating the educational landscape, Tansley attended Saffier Primary School and later Tygerberg High School, where she graduated in 2014. Whilst in high school, Tansley decided to pursue a degree in law. She studied for her degree at the University of the Western Cape, setting the stage for a journey into the legal realm. Her determination to excel fuelled her academic endeavours and Tansley graduated with her degree in 2018.

While still in high school, Tansley dipped her toes into the working world, gaining experience at Earthchild during the December holidays. Subsequently, whilst at University, she worked at Toy Kingdom for some extra pocket money. The real plunge into the professional arena began in 2019 when she practiced her articles at a conveyancing firm. Despite the initial challenges, a growing fascination for conveyancing emerged, ultimately leading to her to taking on the conveyancing exam and becoming a qualified conveyancer during 2021 whilst employed at ESI Attorneys.

Tansley is newly and happily married and she and her husband have two beloved pitbulls, Dane and Luna. Tansley is very grateful to still have both her parents, her in-laws, her siblings, grandmother and extended family close to her and she spends time with them often.

A typical day at ESI for Tansley involves multifaceted responsibilities. Beyond the legal intricacies of preparing bonds and bond cancellations for lodgement, ensuring the compliance of documents for bank processes and overseeing client interactions, she has taken on a marketing role, actively promoting the brand and sourcing new clients. Tansley’s role at ESI is a dynamic blend of legal expertise and client engagement.

Reflecting on her personal achievements, Tansley takes pride in academic accomplishments, earning a place on the Dean’s merit list in the latter years of university, despite the challenge of having studied in her second language. Also, the acknowledgment from colleagues as ’employee of the year’ in 2023 was particularly meaningful to her as it emphasised the value placed on her contributions. A self-proclaimed achiever, Tansley embodies a spirit of determination, celebrating both her big and small victories.

Tansley believes very strongly in integrity and fairness. Despite life’s inherent unfairness, she particularly strives to be just in all her business and personal dealings. Taking pride in one’s work and embracing it as a personal brand is another guiding principle for her, emphasising the importance of self-worth and accomplishment.

Beyond the professional realm, Tansley dedicates time every second week to distributing bread, juice, and soup to underprivileged children in Ravensmead. The joy derived from witnessing the smiles on those young faces reflects a commitment to community service. Personal leisure involves cherished moments with family and friends, filled with laughter and shared around a fire. Cooking and baking serve as a therapeutic escape, and beach drives and restaurant exploration provide additional sources of joy.

From the suburb of Ravensmead to professional success and community service, Tansley’s journey is a testament to resilience, determination and a commitment to making a positive impact. As she continues to excel in her career, her story serves as an inspiration for others to pursue their passions and contribute meaningfully to their communities.