Embracing the Heart of ESI: A Glimpse into the Life of Our Amazing Colleague

It is with great pleasure that we take a moment to shine a spotlight on one of our cherished team members, someone whose warmth and dedication illuminate our office each day. Meet Maxi Stoffberg, a beacon of positivity and an integral part of our ESI family.

Growing Up in Parow:

Maxi hails from the enchanting Northern Suburbs of Parow. It’s in this vibrant community that she cultivated the values that now shape her compassionate and hardworking spirit.

A Journey of Dedication:

The journey of Maxi into the professional world commenced in 1984, fresh from completing her school career. Starting at Home Affairs, she then navigated through the medical field before finding her passion in the legal domain.

Family Ties:

With a heart full of love, Maxi is a proud parent of two incredible individuals, aged 21 and 32. Her devotion to family shines through, creating a support system that fuels her accomplishments.

A Day in the Life at ESI:

At ESI, Maxi is the heartbeat of our daily operations. From opening the office doors at 7:45 am to managing a bustling switchboard with 52 extensions, her days are a whirlwind of activity. She ensures our clients feel welcome and manages administrative tasks seamlessly, from handling mail to overseeing the company car fleet. As if this weren’t enough, she gracefully juggles the role of Zayaan’s PA, showcasing her unwavering commitment to the success of our team.

Proud Achievements:

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Maxi holds a degree in interior decorating and designing, achieved with Cum Laude excellence. Balancing the demands of academia while raising school-going children, she exemplifies the spirit of resilience and determination.

A Guiding Life Moral:

“Give 150% in all you do and the rest will be a walk in the park.” This profound philosophy shapes Maxi’s approach to life, underscoring her commitment to excellence and perseverance.

Cherished Pastimes:

In moments of leisure, Maxi finds solace in art galleries, immersing herself in the beauty of creativity. Exploring new wine farms with her daughter, indulging in wine tastings, and enjoying picnics against serene backdrops are cherished experiences. Yet, nothing beats the joy of unwinding with a good book in the company of her loyal companion, Duke the Yorkie.

In Maxi, we find a perfect blend of professionalism, resilience, and a heart brimming with love. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of ESI, let’s take inspiration from her journey and embrace the values that make us a family.

Thank you, Maxi, for being the heartbeat of ESI!