Lorraine Musgrave, a seasoned professional at ESI Attorneys, plays a crucial role in managing Standard Bank bond registrations. Her journey, rich with experiences and personal growth, reflects her dedication and resilience.

Lorraine’s story begins in Windhoek, where she was born as the second of four daughters. Her family later moved to Walvis Bay, where her two younger sisters were born. Lorraine matriculated in Windhoek in 1982, a year marked by both achievement and tragedy, as she lost her father during her mid-year matric exams.

Her professional journey started in 1983 when she attended Cape Town Tech for a one-year legal secretary course. After completing her course, she began working at the Bible Society of South Africa in 1984 as a secretary/typist. By 1985, Lorraine embarked on her conveyancing career at De Klerk & Van Gend in Cape Town, setting the stage for her future in the legal field.

Lorraine is proud of her family, particularly her daughter who has shown remarkable strength and resilience in the face of adversity, living with MS but thriving with a supportive partner and being a wonderful mother to Lorraine’s grandson.

At ESI Attorneys, Lorraine’s day starts with a cup of coffee, followed by managing new instructions, emails, and registrations. She meticulously handles everything from downloading instructions from Standard Bank, preparing documents for signatures, to ensuring all signed documents are uploaded to the bank. She coordinates lodgements and registrations, and finally, after confirming that the bank has received the deeds, she closes her file.

Outside of work, Lorraine cherishes her time with her grandson, Sam, and enjoys spending quality moments with family and friends. She loves hosting a “braai,” dining out, and unwinding alone with a good Netflix show.

Lorraine lives by the motto, “If you want something to be done properly, do it yourself.” Her commitment to high standards and her meticulous approach to her work are testaments to her dedication and professionalism. At ESI Attorneys, Lorraine Musgrave is not just a team member; she is a cornerstone of excellence and reliability.