Caryn Maree is a force to be reckoned with in the conveyancing industry. With over 35 years of experience in conveyancing, she has become a well-known figure in the industry. Caryn’s career in conveyancing began in 1985 when she started working for United Building Society (UBS) as a team leader in the conveyancing registration department.

After her tenure at UBS, Caryn left the banking world and joined Sonnenberg Hoffman & Galombik Attorneys as a conveyancing secretary. She spent 14 years with the firm before moving on to Bernadt Vukic Potash & Getz, where she worked as a conveyancing paralegal and headed up their development transfer department.

Caryn’s experience and expertise in conveyancing led her to become the compliance officer at Bernadt Vukic Potash & Getz, where she managed their investment portfolio. Her vast knowledge and understanding of the industry caught the attention of ESI Attorneys, and she joined the firm in 2006 when it was still known as KSE Attorneys.

At ESI Attorneys, Caryn began as a personal assistant to Jacques, assisting him with managing his estate agent portfolio. She was then tasked with implementing and enforcing internal processes and systems to streamline and properly manage the conveyancing department.

Caryn’s exceptional performance in these roles led her to become a public relationship officer for ESI Attorneys, a position she holds to this day. In this role, she has excelled in building strong relationships with clients and business associates, some of the earliest of which she still maintains today. Caryn’s focus is on people relationships, and she prides herself on adding value to her business associates in every way that she can.

Caryn is also known for her enormous heart and her family values. Her husband, children, grandchildren, and ESI family are at the centre of her heart and she is very well loved by them. She enjoys spending her weekends camping and socializing with her loved ones.

In conclusion, Caryn Maree’s extensive experience in conveyancing and her exceptional performance in her various roles at ESI Attorneys make her a valuable asset to the firm. Her dedication to building strong relationships with clients and her family-oriented values as well as her dynamism are what make her stand out in the conveyancing industry.