ESI Attorneys have recently brought convenience to their clients with the launch of their new app.  This app has now been updated with some exciting new features.

The app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play Store.  It allows clients to calculate transfer costs, bond costs and bond repayments and is now enhanced with an agent’s commission calculator as well as the functionality to calculate the anticipated proceeds of the sale which the seller will pocket after registration.

Clients can also download a selection of guides, including transfer process, bond process and the cost of transfer guides, as well as tables of costs for easy viewing.  Should these guides not fully answer your questions, the app also features Ask a Professional with quick links to the cell phone number and email of our highly skilled conveyancers.

The app also features a training section where estate agents can view the ESI Academy’s training schedule and for your ease and convenience, we have added Track your Deal so that you can see the status and progress of your transaction with us anywhere and anytime.

Download the ESI Attorneys app today.