Dealing with high living costs and the steepest interest rates in nearly fifteen years, many homeowners are thinking about downsizing to make their money go further. Whether it’s due to changes in the family or a shift in lifestyle, moving to a smaller home needs careful consideration for a smoother downsizing journey.


If you’re thinking about downsizing, here are five simple tips to make the process easier:


Measure Both Spaces

Before you make the move, measure your furniture to make sure it fits into the new home. This helps avoid the headache of furniture that won’t fit through doors or up stairs without taking it apart.


Wait to Buy New Furniture

If your current furniture doesn’t work in the new space, hold off on buying new pieces until after the move. This not only saves on moving costs but also lets you live in the new home and decide what furniture suits the smaller layout.


Go Digital with Storage

Smaller homes often mean less storage space. Consider using digital platforms for music and photos to save physical space. Digitise your albums and store them in the cloud, keeping just a few favourite photos on display in your new home.


Take it Room by Room

Downsizing can be emotional, so take it one room at a time. Consider the storage space in your new home when deciding what to keep, donate, or toss. Categorize items as “Must keep,” “Donate,” and “Rubbish” to make the process simpler. Set aside uncertain items to revisit later for better decision-making.


Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

Instead of throwing away what you don’t want, try selling it online to cover some costs. Donating to thrift stores or charities not only helps you financially but also gives others a chance to find treasures in your unwanted items.


Remember, it’s crucial to choose a property that suits your current and future lifestyle to avoid financial hiccups. If you’re unsure where to start with downsizing, seeking advice from a property practitioner is a smart move. They can provide valuable insights to make your downsizing journey a breeze.