Willem Moolman, the current manager of the Estates Department at ESI Attorneys, has a rich history and a promising career. Raised in the serene Boland town of Tulbagh, Willem’s journey from a close-knit community to a leading role in a prestigious law firm is a story of dedication, passion, and community spirit.


Humble Beginnings in Tulbagh

Willem’s early life was steeped in the simplicity and warmth of Tulbagh, a picturesque town about an hour and a half from Cape Town. “Growing up in Tulbagh was an idyllic experience,” Willem reminisces. “It was a small town where everyone knew each other, and the community looked out for one another. We spent our childhood playing outside and riding bikes until dusk.”


His schooling years saw him at Hoërskool Paarl Gimnasium, a boarding school where he honed his skills in both academics and sports, particularly rugby. This period laid a strong foundation for his future, fostering a balance between intellectual pursuits and physical fitness.


A Promising Legal Career Begins

Willem’s path into the legal profession began with various vacation work programs, with a notable experience at Van Der Spuy Cape Town. In 2021, he took his first significant step into the legal field by joining Heyns & Partners Inc as a candidate attorney. His dedication and hard work paid off in 2023 when he was admitted as an attorney. In April 2024, Willem brought his expertise to ESI Attorneys, taking on the crucial role of managing the Estates Department.


Personal Life and Family

On a personal note, Willem is engaged to his high school sweetheart, Janine. “Janine is an incredible woman,” Willem says. “She’s a medical doctor currently completing her community service year in Uniondale.” Willem’s family remains a cornerstone of his life; his parents still reside in Tulbagh, and his younger sister, Andrea, works as a food scientist in Cape Town.


A Day in the Life at ESI Attorneys

At ESI Attorneys, Willem’s day is a blend of client consultations and strategic planning. He is responsible for estate planning, will drafting, and overseeing the administration of deceased estates and trusts. “My role involves managing the winding up of deceased estates and transferring properties from these estates. I also focus on meeting potential business partners to expand our services,” he explains.


His meticulous approach ensures that clients receive clear, actionable advice tailored to their needs. Willem’s ability to navigate the complexities of estate management with a personal touch has made him a valued member of the ESI team.


Achievements and Values

Willem takes immense pride in being admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, a milestone that marks his commitment and expertise in the legal field. His life is guided by principles of self-discipline, honesty, and neighbourly love. “Maintaining a healthy body and mind, speaking the truth, and loving my neighbour are the morals I live by,” he shares.


Life Beyond the Office

Outside of his professional life, Willem enjoys spending time with friends and family, often gathering for a traditional South African braai or watching a game of rugby. He stays active through running and hiking, and his love for history often leads him to delve into the English classics. “Reading and staying active help me balance my work and personal life,” he notes.


Looking Forward

Willem Moolman’s journey from a small town to a pivotal role at ESI Attorneys exemplifies a blend of professional achievement and personal fulfilment. His story reflects a dedication to community values, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to guiding others through the complexities of estate planning and management.


As he continues to shape the Estates Department, Willem remains a testament to the power of a solid upbringing, continuous learning, and unwavering principles. His contributions to ESI Attorneys are set to leave a lasting impact, benefiting both the firm and its clients.


Reach out to Willem if you need any guidance or assistance with estate planning: or contact our offices on 021 943-5111.